Tasconi’s Pizza


Hjh Sapurahbee bte Hj Ibrahim, the Managing Director of Tasconi International Sdn Bhd concluded her speech at the company’s franchising session in BINA stating that “it will be a dream come true to see ‘Bruneian Franchises’ flourishing in different countries.” Indeed, it will not only be a dream come true for Hjh Sapurahbee alone; it will also be the pride of our nation to see a Bruneian product name recognized in every household just like Coca-Cola – one day in the future.

And the future may not be far away.

A Bruneian pizza chain started in 1994 under Mashhor Foods called Tasconi’s Pizza has been maintaining a small presence in Brunei with four outlets. Their strategy is to produce high quality pizza at an affordable price for the Bruneian Market.


Small in size as it may seem, Tasconi’s Pizza’s vision and potential is anything but small. Two years ago, the company established outlets regionally, with two in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and one in Bali, Indonesia. These outlets serve pizzas that adhere to strict Halal compliance and deliver them in boxes that proudly proclaim “Brunei’s Homemade Pizza” – promoting the kingdom to the rest of the region.

According to the Managing Director of Tasconi, “because Brunei has recently implemented the Shariah Law, Halal food from our country is highly respected by the Muslim customers all around the world.” In the cutthroat food and beverage industry dominated by major franchises and other players, it is important for companies to craft out a niche in order to remain competitive. And Tasconi’s may just have identified a very unique plan which can be effectively used to market itself to the rest of the world.

Domestically, Tasconi’s is also opening its doors to investors by helping them to start their own Tasconi’s franchises. The company is doing this by providing mentorship, by passing down their Standard Operating Procedures which have been accumulated from the last 20 years and by providing valuable marketing support for new franchise owners.


According to the Managing Director, “having an experienced business operator that can help you to identify the ideal location to start your business; and one that can also provide accurate market analysis can be priceless, especially for new business owners.” This is perhaps one of the prime advantages of associating yourself with an experienced operator who has a solid track record and a deep insight into the local market; “It will save you a lot of time and money!”

Still in the pipeline of the company’s franchising strategy is Tasconi’s discussion with Pizza University in Italy to set up a training centre in Brunei in the near future. This centre will be used for training the franchisees from Brunei and the region in the ‘art’ of baking the perfect pizza.

It is clearly evident from Tasconi’s presentation and food tasting session (check out the scrumptious Beef and Mackerel Roll), that one of the company’s core strengths is its steadfast determination to uphold uncompromising standards of quality.

“…because Brunei has recently implemented the Shariah Law, Halal food from our country is highly respected by the Muslim customers all around the world.”

The company has invested in the state of the art oven (Moretti Forni) from Italy in order to produce consistently exceptional pizzas. And it also insists on using only the finest quality ingredients for their food.

It is no coincidence that Tasconi’s Pizza was winner of the 2012 SME National Award of Brunei. This company is small and can quickly adapt to the market changes with constant innovation, this, together with their hunger to expand and increase market share (you can even buy Tasconi’s frozen pizzas from the local supermarkets), make Tasconi’s Pizza a fearsome and dangerous competitor in the pizza industry, both home and abroad.


This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!