Siti Kamaluddin



Siti Kamaluddin

Managing Director
Origin Films Sdn Bhd

Siti Kamaluddin, is a Bruneian born producer and director who started her career in the entertainment industry as a scriptwriter for TV shows before moving on to become a TV host. She has emceed and hosted various regional talk shows, awards, concerts and reality shows and has now moved into producing and directing.

In 2006, Siti formed Origin which became the first company in Brunei’s entertainment history to produce the very first Bruneian music video aired on MTV Asia for artiste Zul F.

Siti recently joined female directors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines to create a series of short films for International Women’s Day called Unspoken Truths, aimed at creating awareness and empowering women. Her first feature film in collaboration with Jackie Chan’s right hand man, Chan Man Ching, “Yasmine” is set to put Brunei’s Silat culture on the world map when it hits the big screen in August this year.

Siti is passionate about her dream of ‘raising the bar’ in the local creative industry and promoting local talent at home and abroad’.

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!