Norhayati Abu Bakar



Brunei’s First Woman Explorer

Armed with a sense of adventure and a whole lot of courage, fortitude and generosity of spirit Norhayati Binti Abu Bakar and her husband have embarked on their fifth world expedition. They left Brunei on March 6, 2014 and will travel from Russia, to Europe, Africa and to South America where they will be distributing clothes, books and stationary which have been donated in Brunei, to children who are living in impoverished countries.

In 1999 Norhayati became the first woman explorer from Brunei to travel across 13 countries or 21,000km from Europe, Middle East to North Africa in a four-wheel drive. Norhayati has since gone on to lead a team of five local women who conquered Africa’s Mt Kilimanjaro, becoming the first Asian team to climb to the top of the world’s highest volcanic mountain.

Her world experiences fuelled by her drive and ambition unleashed an entrepreneurial spirit which led to the establishment of DDL Tours Company Sdn Bhd in 1990. She is also the Secretary of Brunei’s Women Business Council, as well as the Secretary of Information for Brunei Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!