Legislative Council



Datin Paduka Dayang Hajah Zasia binti Sirin

Legislative Council

As one of the first two female members of Brunei’s Legislative Council, Datin Paduka Dayang Hjh Zasia’s role is crucial, in that her views help to shape the decisions which will affect the future of our nation. Working in what is considered to be a male dominated sphere; she continues to make her voice heard in order to make positive contributions to the improvement of our society.

Datin Hjh Zasia also plays a crucial role in providing a religious perspective to the nation’s development plan. She has an extensive background in religious affairs which began back in 1987. Datin Hjh Zasia worked as a religious officer in three different schools and was the Director of the Islamic Dakwah Centre between 2004 – 2006. She was also previously the Head of Policy, Planning and Research at the Ministry of Religious Affairs before being appointed as a member of LegCo in June 2011. Datin Hjh Zasia has a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies – Dakwah and Leadership from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Datin Hjh Zasia pointed out that both education and religious affairs are close to her heart, and sees them as both being integral to Brunei’s Development plan.

Datin Paduka Hajah Salbiah binti Haji Sulaiman

Legislative Council

Datin Hjh Salbiah was one of the first two women to be appointed as a Member of the Legislative Council in Brunei. As a member of this Council Datin Hjh Salbiah noted that His Majesty’s Government has been very generous to the people of Brunei in terms of Milliennium Development Goals so that the country does not face the number of problems and challenges which other countries must deal with. However, she also pointed out that “there is still a lot of improvements needed”, and views the role of the Legislative Council as a vehicle to examine Brunei’s existing plans from a fresh new perspective and to provide new solutions for the future.

Datin Hjh Salbiah was previously the Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office. She has been serving His Majesty’s Government for 27 years and started as a Diplomatic Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was also the person responsible for setting up the Internal Security Department in 1993.

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!