Ignite Your Creativity


1. Make the time

Creativity, the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality, is a crucial factor for future business success. Like everything else in life, if you want to be creative you need to make the decision to start and commit to it. Create the right environment, focus your attention on what you want to create and allocate some time for brainstorming, as this is a powerful tool to stimulate your creativity. Begin with the end in mind and visualise the outcome of your creativity. Follow your passions and ideas will start flooding in.

2. Live in the question

It’s been said that at the age of 5, children ask 120 questions a day, at age 6 they ask only 60 questions a day, and at the age of 40, adults ask 4 questions a day. We adults need to go back to where we started, and ask questions, instead of trying to find immediate answers. Pay attention to questions other people ask, and collect questions you find compelling. Dig deep and ask why. Experiment and explore, and question things from different perspectives.

3. To be inspired, get inspired!

Feed your brain. Nowadays you can find an array of sources to get you inspired. I personally love TED Talks and all sorts of podcasts, but you can find great sources of motivation in books, poems, stories, films, podcast and music. Replenish your creative stock by shaking things up a bit and breaking out of your routine this will help to activate the right-side of your brain.

4. Immerse yourself in nature

We are so blessed to be living in such a beautiful country, Brunei Darussalam, surrounded by nature. Spend time relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature, you may be surprised at how many creative ideas spring to mind.

5. Escape from it all

Switch off your phone and other gadgets; that means no Facebook, no Twitter, no technology! Make it a habit to intentionally give your brain a break from any technological stimulus. And stop thinking! Thinking too much is the enemy of creativity.

6. Remove the label

If you believe that you are not a creative person, you will never be creative. Here’s the good news, we are all naturally creative, but rigid education systems and time constraints drive it out of us as we grow up; but we can still get it back! Create a new label for yourself, one that says you believe that you can change the world, and you will. All that creativity requires is practice and a supportive environment in which to flourish.

7. Keep it safe

Whenever you have an idea, no matter how radical or ridiculous it may seem at the time, capture it, and always keep it safe. Carry a little book with you for writing down ideas as they come; or capture them on your phone via images, texts, key words, etc. If you keep them somewhere safe, rather than in your mind, you will have a better chance of developing them later on.

Isabel Valle
Isabel Valle

Isabel Valle is a certified Executive and Leadership Coach. She is also a mentor and the Founder of Global Room in Brunei. Isabel specialises in leadership development and building organisational culture. Isabel has held senior positions within the hospitality industry in countries around the world. More information available on