Interview with Zamri bin Mohamad




Zamri Bin Mohamad is a young and motivated entrepreneur who is working hard for his success. At only 23 years old, Zamri has already built a thriving fisheries business.

How did you get the idea to start your business?
My passion for fishing started when I was very young. My father was a fisherman so I was very involved with fishing as a hobby. I learnt a lot from him and gradually developed a keen interest in the industry. Later on, I decided that I wanted to gain a more in depth knowledge about fishing with the aim of establishing my own small business. I’m proud to say that in 2015 I achieved my goal – I started my own company called SEASTAR.

What role did your training and education at IBTE play in helping you to establish your own business?
I spent two and a half years at IBTE doing my National Diploma in Fisheries. I believe that the education that I got at IBTE prepared me for my future by focusing on all aspects of the fishing industry. It gave me the opportunity to learn everything I needed to know, for example I learnt about topics such as the behaviour of fish, nutrition and diseases. I also learnt how to manage my own business and how to sell fish on the local market. Besides providing the theoretical knowledge, IBTE also has all of the relevant resources and equipment that made learning about this field more interesting. While at IBTE I also got a chance to visit companies with fish cages and this gave me a chance to get a better and more realistic understanding of the industry. I also have to say that the instructors really helped to keep me motivated – for example, Cikgu Zaitunah and Cikgu Hajah Maznah were very supportive and willing to give me advice even after I graduated from IBTE. I believe that any student who chooses to study at IBTE will get the right knowledge and technical training to help them become successful entrepreneurs. All that the student has to do is be determined to focus and work hard.

Photo courtesy of Zamri bin Mohamad

What are the main challenges you’ve faced along the way?
One of the main challenges that I’ve faced since setting up my business is competition from other fish farmers. But this is natural and it’s good because it forced me to think of new ways to market my fish. For instance, now I have decided to start farming different varieties of fish like Giant Trevalley.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about following your career path?
My advice to students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs is to seek guidance from those in your chosen field who have experience. Put all your effort into learning as much as you can about your field and also be aware of the difficulties and risks. But most importantly, you must really be willing to work hard to achieve your goals!

What are your future plans?
Eventually I want to expand my business from 80 units to 100 units, hire staff and hopefully one day be able to export my fish to countries around the region.

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This article was published in the IBTE Special Issue (Oct-Dec 2016) of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!