Interview with Abdul Adib bin Haji Judin




Focusing on a new journey.

Prior to starting his ISQ in Heavy Vehicle Driver at IBTE and Youth Development Centre, Abdul Adib Bin Haji Judin went from having a secure five year career working for the Government, to owning a thriving construction business and having a happy relationship – to losing everything. Starting from zero in both his professional and personal life took him to a very dark place. He wondered if he’d ever be able to rebuild his life. But as he explained, “My mother was a great source of inspiration and motivation during this challenging time. When I discovered the Heavy Vehicle Driver course at IBTE, my mother encouraged me to do it and from the time I started the course, I knew that I had found a new career path that was better for me – one that I was passionate about and one that I would really enjoy!”

Adib was able to take some time off work to do a short interview. Below is an extract from our conversation with him which we hope will encourage and inspire you.

What motivated you to continue learning and to do your best?
When my life was perfect, I had a job and was making good money. But when I lost everything and went through many hardships, I realised that money was not everything. I remember thinking that if I ever got a chance to start all over again, I would put money second and make passion for my job my first priority. When I started doing the course at IBTE I immediately knew that this was something that I was interested in and I was eager to learn everything that I could about it. Then I made it my mission to excel far beyond any obstacles placed in my way.

What was your experience at IBTE like and what did you enjoy most about it?
At IBTE, the course taught me everything that I needed to know in order to become an efficient and reliable driver. Being a driver is not like any of the jobs that I had previously. There’s no sitting in an air-conditioned office doing work, I have to be up early every day and be prepared to do physical work. The knowledge that I gained at IBTE is instrumental to me now. When I look back, one of my favourite subjects was Health, Safety and Environment. This subject gave me a thorough understanding of how important safety is and even though it may take more time to implement the procedures, it is worth doing. In terms of instructors, one person who stands out in my memory from IBTE is Cikgu Zaharuddin. Even though he was a few years younger than me, he showed me that age was not important to learning and he encouraged me to continue learning and to never be afraid of a challenge! I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to attend IBTE because this gave me a second chance to find a career that is very rewarding in every way. I now feel confident that I have chosen the right path for me!

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
Right now I’m really enjoying my job at Aziz Latif & Company and my goal is to become a Tanker Driver by next month and maybe one day become a Transport Safety Officer. I also want to continue being a good son, a good friend and one day, a good husband! I intend to continue working hard and doing my best.

How do you think you can contribute to Brunei?
I would like to thank His Majesty’s government, especially the joint effort between EIDPMO, MOE, Youth Development Centre (MCYS) and oil & gas industry for developing a platform for Bruneian youths by giving them the opportunity to excel in life through the ICF programme. I believe that I can contribute to my country by not relying on the Government to provide work for me. I can contribute more by continuing to work hard and by doing my best in my role as a Heavy Vehicle Driver in the private sector.

This article was published in the IBTE Special Issue (Oct-Dec 2016) of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!