Interview with KFC

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When did KFC first come to Brunei? How many outlets & staff do you have today?
KFC first came to Brunei in 1992 and we opened the doors of our first outlet at Plaza Athirah to customers on 20th December 1992. Today we have about 350 employees spread across 15 outlets and we are proud to say that more than 70% of our staff members are locals.

Hot & Spicy vs Original – which one reigns in Brunei?
It’s a close 50 / 50 here in Brunei. The aroma of the secret ingredient of 11 herbs and spices makes the original recipe a favourite choice around the world, whereas Hot & Spicy is popular in Brunei because of the local culture of eating spicy food.

Tell us about your drive through service in (Sengkurong)?
We opened our first drive through on 11th July 2013, the KFC Sengkurong Drive-Thru. Being the first drive through in Brunei, it attracted customers from all over Brunei. This iconic store is also currently our biggest outlet with a seating capacity of 260 plus. It has our most extensive menu offering from our egg tarts, krushers, KFC a.m. breakfast to our normal lunch and dinner menu.

What can we expect from KFC in the next 3 years?
More new and exciting products and promotions are on the way. Hopefully by then we will have enough demand, so that we can introduce local products to our menu. We also plan to engage in more CSR projects with other companies and/ or organisations.

What important principle can businesses learn from KFC?
Our mission is to make KFC stand for a Kinder, Fun and Caring company. We feel that as a company/organisation gets bigger, it is our responsibility to try and make sure that every business step that we take will leave a positive imprint on our colleagues, customers as well as on our community.

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This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!