Interview with Hj. Sophian DPDH Mat Suny

Hj. Sophian DPDH Mat Suny
Hj. Sophian DPDH Mat Suny

Human Resources Manager, HR & Finance Division
Baiduri Bank Berhad

We are discussing the topic of extraordinary careers. What are the key components that make a career extraordinary?
Baiduri was very fortunate to have members of staff still working with us, since the first day Baiduri opened its doors to the general public back in 1994. These individuals like Baiduri have developed their careers with the Bank Group from a team of 40 to 700 today. Their career growth allowed them to develop in correlation to the banks increasing market share and presence.

Career development continues on in our recent new generation of staff. We have an example, such as a young Graduate Trainee who joined us in 2010. Starting off being rotated in the various departments in the bank to gain general knowledge at first, then being placed in Wealth Management where he specialized in investment products, which lead to his promotion as Assistant Manager, Trading & Investment Services at our new company, Baiduri Capital.

Looking inward, for a person to develop it needs 1) the opportunity for the individual to develop, whereby there is a business need and he/she has been identified as a key contributor to the business need, and, 2) the persons willingness and personal drive to develop, he/she has to be self-determined and motivated take on these challenges.

What are some key qualities that separate people with great careers from those with mediocre ones?
We have a screening process where we look through all individual applications sent to us and we assess the applications against what Baiduri needs to employ at the time. Certain jobs require specific skill sets, for example a good accountant would need to have the extra certifications such as CPA, ACCA or CIMA. These are the skills which you will see on the application/resume. We will also screen candidates during one-to-one interviews on their attitude, personal traits and “fit” into our organisation’s culture. So long as both parties (employer and employee) maintain a win-win relationship, we will continue to see retention of the talent.

How does one achieve an extraordinary career?
Once they have passed the stages of recruitment and have successfully joined any organization, they need to start delivering on the expectations of the employer to draw the right attention towards them. To be more receptive to new challenges offered to them and, request their superiors to give them more challenges. To be more open and willing to share their ideas and perception with their peers and superiors.  During the day to day activities and delivering on their careers, they must always be sensitive to their surroundings and its culture, use positive words when communicating with their colleagues and always be respectful.

This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2015 Issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!