Interview with Haniza Zakariya

Haniza Zakariya 2014
Haniza Zakariya

Country Manager
Microsoft (Brunei) Sdn Bhd

What steps should a person take to prepare himself or herself to be a better leader?
Firstly, give that person the opportunity. Whether ready or not, give that first chance to him/her. The rest is about making it happen with the right culture, measurement and expectation…

What is your advice to leaders facing adversity, especially in the current economic environment?
I would say it is all about having the right mindset. A change of mindset helps eliminate half of the blocks or hurdles.

Describe to us your leadership style. Why has it been effective?
Being personal, driving the partnership and at times being brutally honest about opportunities and challenges. I find that being honest makes me sleep well at night. Ha ha ….

What is your legacy as a leader?
Leaving people who have great talents behind and seeing them successful in whatever spectrum of their interests. And when they look back, they will thank me for all the coaching and mentoring which helped them to get to where they have landed or transitioned – that is satisfaction!

Tell us a story of a leader who has influenced you the most.
My first manager when I worked for Celcom (M) Berhad at the age of 22 years old, Mr Badry Hanafi (he is now a silent entrepreneur). He pushed me to limits that I never thought I could get to at the age of 22. He taught me the true meaning of self- confidence, commitment, personal sacrifice, staying ahead of the curve and about manoeuvring and negotiating… you name it. I owe him the most for where I am today.

This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2015 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!

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