Interview with Dr. Chin Wei Keh

Dr. Chin Wei Keh
Dr. Chin Wei Keh

Director & Chief Executive Officer
Institute of Brunei Technical Education Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam

What are some of the education or training options available to school leavers in Brunei?
Many countries around the world are putting a lot of emphasis on technical education and training as political leaders understand the importance of skilled training towards the socio economic development of a nation. In Brunei, technical education plays an important role in maximising the potential of individual especially those who are more inclined towards hands-on activities. I believe that with quality technical education, we will be able to equip individuals with the right skills to contribute to the growth of Brunei. I invite school leavers to explore and find out what technical education can offer them.
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Who are the graduates from your institution that have achieved extraordinary careers?
Personally for me, all our graduates are extraordinary. Allow me to call them the “unsung heroes of the society” that are so vital to our ecosystem and I personally feel that their contribution to the nation and our lifestyle are underappreciated. I’m talking about our graduates who are working as technicians and skilled personnel behind the scenes 24/7. They are the ones that ensure that we are connected, our oil rigs are operating and our cars are running – sometimes we fail to recognise their importance.

How does one identify his or her career path?
The world is fast changing and I believe that we need to empower our youth to make informed decisions by themselves, for themselves.

In many of your speeches, you make your mission in life (about empowering people) known. Can you tell us more about this?
I wouldn’t say I make a lot of speeches but my intention is clear and genuine. I want to contribute to the nation and with the work I’m doing now, I believe it can “make a difference” to the youth. I would like to invite like-minded individuals to join me in this journey of empowering youth by providing quality skills training.

This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2015 Issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!