Hajah Norizmah binti Hj Awg Ahmad Morshidi



General Manager
Ideal Food Industries Sdn Bhd
Sector: Food and Beverages

Hajah Norizmah Bte Awg Hj Ahmad Morshidi is currently the General Manager at Ideal Food Industries Sdn Bhd. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Under Humanities and Social Sciences), from University of La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia.

Hajah Norizmah started at Ideal Food Industries nine years ago and was promoted to General Manager in 2005. She proudly heads a company which has pioneered many outstanding initiatives in the food industry.

As the first local company to be 100% run by a local Bruneian, this is also the first local Company to have used and followed International Management systems; the first grilled chicken company in Brunei which has been in business for approximately 17 years; the first ‘Franchise Type’ of restaurant in Brunei; and Ideal Food Industries is also the first established company to operate from ‘Farm to Plate’ policy. Hajah Norizmah Bte Awg Hj Ahmad Morshidi continues to work tirelessly to ensure that she and her team continue to lead the way in this industry.

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!