Global Shapers


In the Shape China event organised by Global Shapers of Dalian this September, young leaders from all over the world were grouped together to engage in a conversation about the future of mobility. We were given the opportunity to glimpse into the future (no, there will be no flying cars) and to look at the various initiatives that Ford, the event sponsor, is undertaking to forge a better future in mobility for mankind. With 28 megacities of more than 10 million people – a number which is expected to quadruple by 2030- improving transportation is an important step in creating a sustainable system. We posed the obvious question to Ford– what does the future of mobility look like?


This year alone at the CES, Ford announced the Ford Smart Mobility plan to use innovation to take the company to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data. It is expected to launch 25 global mobility experiments this year to test new ideas and to address growing or increasing transportation challenges; and will use the insights to shape Ford’s future investments.

For the car enthusiasts, we also learned that Ford is set to rollout SYNC® 3 this year, its most advanced vehicle connectivity system that’s faster, more intuitive and easier to use with enhanced response to driver commands. SYNC® 3 more conversational speech recognition technology, smartphone-like touch screen and easy-to-read graphics will help millions of drivers connect with their lives and control their smartphone while on the road.