Left to Right: Lim Shinling, Executive Menu Developer at The Energy Kitchen, Pearlie Jay Joson & Rachael Lee, Fitness Manager of Fitness Zone.

1/ CEREALS / OATS – a great way to “break the fasting” in the morning. If you are working out in the morning this can jumpstart your energy and metabolism. Find a pack of cereal that contains at least 3gms of fibre and not more than 6gms of sugar per serving. Fibre will keep hunger at bay while low added sugar will cut down on empty calories.
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2/ WALNUTS – packed with essential fatty acids for muscle cell growth, immune function and healthy bone density. It contains polyunsaturated fat that helps you gain more muscle and less fat. It also contains a certain type of Vitamin E that is essential for cardiovascular health. You can add it to your breakfast cereal or you can have it as a snack after your workout.
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pearlie23/ ALMOND BUTTER – more expensive than peanut butter but it has a lower fat content, higher calcium content (for stronger bones) and more magnesium (for proper muscle function). For breakfast or as a snack you can make an almond butter sandwich using whole meal bread or high fibre biscuits.
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4/ BLACK BEANS – a great source of protein (1 cup is equal to almost 40gms). It has low fat content compared to typical sources of protein not to mention it is more economical as well. Beans are very high in antioxidants that can help fight inflammation and ease muscle soreness after workout. You can boil or bake beans and eat it as a snack or mix it with a salad for lunch or dinner.

pearlie35/ QUINOA – an ancient grain that contains all the 9 essential fatty acids required for the complete high quality protein needed for muscle building. It is also high in iron and B Vitamins that boost metabolism. You can use it as a substitute of rice during lunch and dinner.
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6/ LONG GRAIN BROWN RICE – a high quality complex carbohydrate which is good for fuelling muscles and storing energy. It is high in grains, magnesium, Selenium (healthy thyroid function), and high fibre that can keep you feeling satisfied for a longer time between meals.
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pearlie47/ SALMON – a high source of protein and B Vitamins for building muscle. Fresh Salmon eaten raw or cooked is a better choice compared to canned salmon. Canned Salmon is rich in omega 3s which has a positive effect on the metabolism of muscle protein.
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8/ SWEET POTATO – Sweet potato is a good type of carbohydrate that has low moisture and low sodium content. It’s a solid source of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) that is needed by the body to properly digest dietary protein and build muscles. You can boil, bake or grill sweet potato as a snack or as a substitute for other carbs for lunch or dinner.
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These superfoods can help you look and feel your very best everyday while promoting health and fitness over time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping bag and buy these items from the grocery or simply dine at Energy Kitchen. Need more health and nutrition advice? Visit Fitness Zone and see our Dietician.

This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!