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Founder: Hiro Tien
Website: http://socialdeal.com.bn, http://socialmart.com.bn, http://thegigland.com

Established in January 2011, SOCIALBUZZ ADVERTISING is a locally founded modern advertising agency.


The company was Brunei’s first and only groupbuying website SocialDeal.Com. The website provides business matchmaking between online consumers and offline merchants. The company has also developed other products, which include -:

SocialMart.com – this site takes shopping in Brunei to the next level by providing a whole new e-shopping experience in luxury goods, fashion, food and much more!

Gigland – is a global market place where users can get small jobs done for not more than $100. It has the advantage of being able to micro-outsource talent from anywhere in the world.


Founder: Hj Kairulazhar Hj Rosli
Website: http://samtheinventorbot.com

tech3This company specialises in Mobile and Multimedia solutions and is powered by a group of young passionate Bruneians.

These entrepreneurs realised the need to develop an app that would enable people with busy schedules to access meals quickly and conveniently.

They came up with the idea of FoodFuel. This mobile app allows users to order their meals on the go and to set the pick up time, therefore making accessing and planing meals much easier.


Founder: Hj Kairulazhar Hj Rosli
Website: http://samtheinventorbot.com


Established in 2009, Cinematicpro services has blazed its own path in terms of providing videography, motion graphics and 3d animation. From event coverage to company and government video profile, it has established a strong presence in the industry. Recently, Cinematicpro participated in a national competition and won 1st place in the ANIMASI challenge. This provided a stepping stone to creating an entire 3D animated series with the assistance of an AITI grant.


Founder: Ikmalina Hakimah Hj Md Yunos
Website: http://facebook.com/itsybytes, http://padian.com/Itsybytes


ItsyBytes is a game software company that develops multimedia applications on different platforms from web-based to mobile technology. Focusing on Brunei’s History and Folklores, the company specialises in developing e-learning games suitable for children from the age of six and above.


Founders: Keeran Janin and Liam Janin
Website: http://mesixty.com, http://bestofhalal.net


Founded in 2011, MeSixty is a design company specialised in developing mobile apps, websites and media that offer high quality, engaging user experiences.

Developed by MeSixty, BestOfHalal. net is a good food guide for Muslims. This halal food guide mobile app features reviews of the best halal restaurants in the major cities around the world. It’s aim is to help muslims find great halal food everywhere you go.

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6/ PHMB 

Founder: Ak Mohd Khairi Bin Pg Hj Metussin
Website: http://phmdpublishing.com

PHMD Publishing Company was set up in 2010 with the mission to make teaching easier and student learning more rewarding and enjoyable.


Specialising in Digital publishing through integration of multimedia enrichment and interactive content, the company has developed an app called ‘MindPlus’.

An islamic knowledge application, MindPlus is on the Apple AppStore and has been downloaded by users in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and even in Latin America & The Caribbean.

MindPlus is an application that features a wide variety of animation and accompanying articles based on Islamic topics that are curriculum based. A simple comprehensive application, the app allows users to easily understand the content related to the daily lives of Muslims and other aspects of Islam.


Founder: Haji Rushdi Ibrahim
Website: http://halbase.biz


Founded in 2012, Halbase is a mobile app company focused on Islamic communities. It aims to revolutionise the way people interact with their smart phone devices. Halbase develops technologies that are in demand in the Muslim communities such as “At-Taqwa” which means fear for Allah or Love for Allah. At Taqwa comes in many useful apps such as: Yassin & Tahlil, Amalan Harian (daily practices), Fardhu Kifayah and many more.


Founder: Simon Soo
Website: http://malppy.com


Project Malppy.com is a Leap funded project by the Brunei Economic Development Board. The site is customised to provide a friendly and informative shopping experience. It has been built using an engine and infrastructure that is similar to that which is used by major corporations.


Founders: Randy Lim and Josephine On tech9
Website: http://hococreative.com, http://whatsinyourbox.me

Creative agency Hoco Creative strives to think outside the conventional boundaries of branding and creative design to truly deliver ideas that are innovative, unique and diverse in nature. The company specialises in brand development and advertising campaigns; serving both the local market and a global clientele base.



Founder: Za’im Ismail
Email: winking26@gmail.com


TrueVectorDesigns is an Animation and Content development company that aims to expand its portfolio and business into the creative media industry.

The company has developed an E-book entitled Hand Me Down Teddy, which is available on the Apple App Store.

Hand Me Down Teddy is a bedtime story re-imagined. It is filled with rich colours and graphics that both children and parents will enjoy.

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