Feature Story – Lata Jagadish


In 2002, Azlan was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. The excruciating pain caused by this left him almost immobile at times. He sought the opinions of seven orthopaedic specialists and neurologists, who all prescribed surgery as the only option to solve this condition. Having lost all hope, he booked a microsurgery operation. However at the very last minute, his brother recommended an eighth doctor who advised him to seek alternative treatment before resorting to surgery. By then he was starting to lose sensation in both of his legs. At once he started seeking help from traditional practitioners and chiropractors and almost lost all hope, as there was no improvement in his condition. But a chance visit to a special place would change his life forever.

What he did not know on his first visit to Jag Therapy was that he would meet Lata Jagadish, a woman whose knowledge, healing touch and generous spirit would transform his life forever. After being treated for just one year by both Lata and her dad who is fondly known as “Uncle Jag”, he returned to see the last doctor who had recommended alternative treatment. Needless to say the doctor was amazed at his recovery and told him that he should continue with his treatment at Jag Therapy. This is just one, of the many real life stories of recovery which bears testimony to the work which Lata and her family continue to do today at Jag Therapy in Kg Salambigar, Jalan Muara.

Lata Jagadish with her father and mother

Walk into Jag Therapy any day of the week and you will see people from all walks of life sitting side by side patiently waiting to see Lata. They come from different creeds, races, beliefs and social classes. But what they all have in common is that they are in pain – some have broken bodies, others have burdened souls. But they are all there because they believe in the holistic treatment that Lata offers – they believe that it could make them whole again. When Lata enters the room her patients are greeted with a warm smile and an open heart. Immediately, her sense of serenity and humility is able to put the most anxious mind at ease. Lata explained that at Jag Therapy, they provide general information on healthy eating, special diets and diet nutrition. However no advice given here is intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. “We do not replace doctors. What we do here is complimentary to conventional medicine. We do not heal people; they heal themselves by following our guidelines. We place a great deal of focus on nutrition and aim to educate people on how to prevent illnesses and diseases. We counsel some of those who come to us and provide them with hope within limits.”

As the daughter of “Uncle Jag”, who is renowned and respected locally and globally for his work in the field of holistic healing, Lata has continued to practice her father’s proven treatments and therapies. Her knowledge and experience has been acquired not only from her mother and father but from generations of family members. She recalled, “My Dad started learning from his grandmother and aunt. I always remember thinking of my dad’s aunt as a “walking encyclopaedia on plants” she knew about all the health benefits of plants. And my grand uncle who is now 101 years old, was the one who taught me about energy healing which I also practice today.” From as long as she could remember, her parents opened the doors of their home to anyone who was interested in practicing yoga or needed health advice or therapy. Neighbours, friends, medical doctors, locals and foreigners were all welcomed to learn from her parent’s knowledge and experience – all for free. And today Lata and her husband Arjun, who also teaches yoga and helps with therapy, have continued this practice of giving freely of their time to children five years and below, elderly people 80 years old and over and to the less fortunate – this was something that her late mother was very passionate about and it is also a practice which her father continues today at his clinic in Mysore, India.lata3

Lata conducted her first yoga class at the age of ten. However after graduating with her Masters in Science Education in Physics she decided to pursue a career in teaching like both of her parents. Lata taught in the mornings and continued to teach yoga and practice therapy in the afternoons. As she said,” She was so lucky to be doing the two things that she truly loved.” But eventually, after getting married and having her son she had to choose between the two careers and she had no doubt that even though she loved teaching, she was completely committed to being a therapist.

“When I help patients who come in on crutches or in wheelchairs to walk again and I see the smile on their faces. This is my greatest reward.”

Waking up at 4am every morning, Lata does her daily yoga practice and looks after her family’s needs. She starts work at 8am and usually finishes about 7pm at night only taking short breaks in between, if she gets the chance. So what fuels her steadfast commitment and makes this all worthwhile? She said, “When I help patients who come in on crutches or in wheelchairs to walk again and I see the smile on their faces. This is my greatest reward.” When asked about her unusual method of payment for therapy, a small discreet box for donations, she smiled and responded, “Our relationship with our patients is based on trust. They trust us and we trust them. We have never looked at this as a business.”

For Lata Jagadish the desire to help others is of paramount importance. Being a therapist for Lata is not a job, it is a life calling. For as long as she can, Lata intends to continue doing what her father started – that is, helping anyone that walks through her door with the type of healing that can only come from the heart.

*As for Azlan even though he’s no longer in Brunei. He has never forgotten his life changing experience at Jag Therapy and continues to share his story with others. According to Azlan, “healing at Jag Therapy is done with peace, love, sincerity and dedication.”

This article was published in the Jan-Mar 2015 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!