Feature Story – Charlotte Lim


Many children have a desire to dance. Some may even say that when they grow up they want to become professional dancers, but only a few have the determination and discipline required to turn this dream into a reality. While it may be difficult to have a career in dance, it is definitely possible. 24 year old Charlotte Lim knows only too well that a career in dance requires a strong sense of purpose and dedication to the art. And her story proves that if you want to become a dancer you have to stay focused, work hard and have a will of steel!

While she was growing up, Charlotte’s parents never forced her to pursue any of the popular mainstream careers. In fact, her mother who also has a keen interest in dance and has participated in dancing competitions, encouraged and supported Charlotte’s dream of becoming a dancer from the very beginning. When she was four years old she started taking ballet lessons at En Pointe Academy of Dance. At that time En Pointe was not established as yet, however, her teacher Regina was the person who was most influential in her dance training. Charlotte started training with her when she was 12 years old at the D’ Music Motion Fitness Studio.


Charlotte soon began to take a more serious interest in dance as a possible career. Charlotte recalled that it was Regina who opened her eyes to the many options that would be available to her: she could enter competitions, perform on stage or she could think about becoming a dance teacher or an examiner. Regina also made sure that her young promising student clearly understood that becoming a dancer was not going to be easy. As a dancer Charlotte would need to be an artist and an athlete, her natural ability and talent would only get her so far – she would have to work hard and persevere through countless rehearsals and auditions and of course, she would have to get very familiar with failure and rejections. But knowing all this did not frighten Charlotte in fact, it fired her determination to dance!

After finishing her GCSE’s at Jerudong International School Charlotte knew that a career in dance was what she wanted. So she decided to do her A Level’s together with a Diploma in Dance in the UK. She then went to Canada where she completed a contemporary dance programme.

Her training in dance was extremely rigorous both physically and mentally and there were times when she had to overcome shadows of doubt. But this petite young woman found the strength and willpower to successfully complete the programme. She then returned to Brunei and did a short internship at Asia Inc where she became interested in Event Management and then did a two and a half year course in Event Management in Sydney before returning home. Once resettled again, she did some soul searching and knew that dance was still her main passion and this is when she hit on a novel idea, “Why not combine my knowledge of dance with my interest in event management?” This is how The Creative Core BN came into being. This organisation which was founded last year with the support of a dear friend, aims to bring dancers and other artistes together at specific events where they can meet; share ideas and knowledge; and showcase their talents and skills. The Creative Core has already held two successful DancersMeet and Charlotte said that there were many enthusiastic participants and the response from the public was very positive. She explained that in the future, the Creative Core intends to focus on having several annual events with a focus on dance, music and film.

But this is just the beginning of Charlotte’s amazing journey in dance, as she recently started teaching at D’Music Motion Dance Studio in Kiarong which is currently being run by her Mum. She has three qualified dance teachers who conduct Ballroom Dancing classes and Dance Fitness classes. Charlotte explained that, “In the future I would like to hold more contemporary and creative dance classes at the studio. I love this style of dance and would like to educate more people about it. There are people who tend to think of contemporary dance as being too difficult, too technical or too interpretive. But I would like to show people that it can be really interesting and fun to learn!” Some people choose dancing as a career because it brings them joy, others dance because they can share a piece of their soul with the world through movement, Charlotte Lim dances because it allows her to openly and honestly express herself without words. She truly loves the beauty, elegance, complexity and magic of dance- and wants to share it with others!


This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2016 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!