Time Out with Liz – Osveous & Shinny


Liz: Tell us something about yourself, Osveous. What did you study in Australia?

Osveous: I studied for a Bachelor of Creative Industry and Visual Arts. I managed to tailor my own course which included doing theatre, animation, fine arts painting and sculpture; and I also dived into installation and fashion.

elizabeth2Liz: What is Installation?

Osveous: If you could imagine taking everything out of this room and turning everything into an art piece.

Liz: What projects were you a part of when you were in Australia?

Osveous: A lot of it was at first studentbased projects so a lot of music videos and fashion shoots. A lot of collaborating with students and it always turned out really well and that’s why I like collaborating with other talents because you may have a great idea but when you work with someone else you just see a lot of opportunity. You can be looking at one side and the other person will see things from a different side.

Liz: Who have you worked with?

Osveous: One of my most memorable projects was working on a music video for the Brisbane band “Blood Poet”. I remember this shoot because it was a 12 hour shoot and we were shooting in a basement garage. We shot from 2 am and that was the call time. We had a whole team there, people who did lighting, sound, camera, the art department, make up & stylist. It was a full team and it was one of my best experiences ever.

Liz: If someone wanted to make a music video, would you be the best person to give feedback?

Osveous: I would do my best to give them tips but by no means am I professional in that field.

Liz: Shinny Chia, Tell us about yourself.

Shinny: For almost 10 years I spent most of my time in New South Wales across Newcastle and Sydney

Liz: What are your best memories of Australia?

Shinny: That’s a tough one. There were a lot of good times in Sydney especially in the fashion industry. I did lot stuff in Australia which was memorable.

Liz: Both you and Osveous started “the Collective” with the intention of wanting to collaborate with local talents in the fashion and beauty industries in Brunei, correct?

Shinny: The collective is an overarching initiative from the Braid Bar. Osveous and I met at a relaunch of Joenah Boutique shoot. I saw her do braiding for lots of photo shoots and we just started talking about how there isn’t anything in Brunei that brings people together in the creative industry in a social sense. It’s different in Australia where people in the creative industry know each other and socialise together because it is a community.

Here we see a lot of talented people and a lot of creative people but they are all kind of segregated and they don’t really come together as much. So after the Braid Bar workshop, things just snowballed! Since the beginning of this year there has been so much interest from everybody wanting to get involved or be a part of it.

Liz: Is there anyone you want to work with at this point in time?

Osveous: I say everyone that we’re working with right now is who we want to be working with. They’re all local talents and that’s one thing we are advocates for. As we were saying earlier, there has not been enough collaboration in the industry, and there should be more because that’s how Shinny and I met through a collaborative project here in Brunei.

Liz: Tell us more about the Braid Bar workshop.

Shinny: It’s a one and a half hour workshop that runs every second Sunday starting 23 March 2014 at Kaleidoscope Gallery in Kiulap. It’s a creative festival where the real meat of it all is the Braid Bar. People tend to overlook doing their hair especially doing their hair in different ways. There is a lot of creativity that goes into it and it such a simple and personal thing which you can do to really show your flair for art.

Liz: So basically expressing yourself with hair?

Shinny: Yes. Anything can be art. Including hair.

Liz: How does one learn to braid hair?

Shinny: Come to the workshop to find out!


This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!

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