Editor’s Note – Influential Women

From the Editor

Shaun Hoon

The objective of this month’s issue of Inspire magazine is to recognise and celebrate the special contributions that women make to our society. In doing so, we identified 50 of the most influential and outstanding women across a diverse spectrum of our society who represent all women in Brunei.

From the example that these extraordinary women have set, we hope to inspire more women to assume leadership roles in order to make a difference to the community.

In order for them to have achieved their level of success, there is no doubt that these 50 women are intelligent, resilient, idealistic, passionate and hardworking.

During our research we discovered that there are a few attributes which this group of women have in common-:

Here are three of the main attributes which they share:

1. Breaking New Ground

The women of Brunei today are holding major positions of responsibility and leadership which previous generations could only have dreamt of.

We have many examples of where women have broken into previously male dominated areas such as the first female-: Attorney General; Deputy Minister; female members of the Legislative Council; and female Airline Captain.

2. Meaningful Multitasking

A number of these women have also accepted duties outside of their core positions. Many of them hold multiple roles in other major businesses and organisations. No matter which role they are assuming, they seem to be driven by a great sense of purpose.

These achievers are socially engaged and are extremely connected both at a local and at an international level. They also place a great emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibilities with the aim of trying to make a difference to the community, by representing causes that are far bigger than themselves.

3. Family Oriented

Another attribute that is prevalent amongst these women is the fact that in their drive to succeed, they still hold their family as their highest priority. Inspite of their challenging careers these women find a way to strike the right balance between work and family life in order to achieve success.

Regardless of what your perspective is on the roles of women in Brunei, the message from this project is conclusive -: the Bruneian society has never been more ready to embrace the fact that women have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success.

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!