Editor’s Note – Happiness

From the Editor

Shaun Hoon

“Daddy are you happy today?” This is one of my daughter’s favourite questions. Siena always asks me this whenever I pick her up from school during “our-time”. I also love to ask this question because it helps to kick off a good conversation between us.

And no matter how bad my day has been, I would always tell Siena the truth: that I am happy because “I’ve got you.” The answer never fails to draw a big smile on her face.

And that in turn, makes my day.

Siena caught me completely off guard the other day by responding, “Daddy, if you’re happy to be with me, why are you always looking at the phone whenever we are together?”

That, I couldn’t answer.

Truth be told, sometimes I think that I have allowed social media to take control of my happiness. The constant hunger for connections, approval and being well “liked” by people who often times do not matter, while neglecting the precious moments with the people who are standing right in front of me.

Siena’s question made me ponder:

What makes me happy?

The number of “likes” I received from posting her picture on my Facebook page?


Simply just her?

Sadly, my action in this instance betrayed even my best intention.

This issue examines the elements of happiness.

What makes you truly happy?

I think all along, we have the answer within us. It is only when we sort out our true priorities in life that we can discover real, lasting happiness.

May you be rich in the things that truly matter!

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2015 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!