Editor’s Note – Courage

From the Editor

Shaun Hoon

We picked “courage” as the theme to start the first issue of 2016 because we believe that it is a timely topic for discussion. As we embark on a year with further uncertainty about the oil prices which have a direct effect on our whole economy, no one is immune from the possible negative consequences that may result.

In these times, negative speculation and rumours are generally rife. This type of sentiment is not only bad for business, it can also effect one’s morale. As leaders of organisations we must ask ourselves: Do we join in the conversation and complain? Do we halt business decisions? Or do we take this as an opportunity to innovate and explore uncharted territories?

I chanced upon an article by leadership guru, Andy Stanley who wrote the following*:

“…in the time of darkness filled with uncertainty is what provides leaders with their greatest opportunities. It is your response to the darkness that determines in a large part whether or not you will be called to lead. Many who lack the courage to forge ahead alone yearn for someone to take the first step – to go first – to show the way. After all, if the pathways to the future were well lit, it would be crowded.”

This issue has many examples of people who have shown courage and who continue to forge ahead during challenging times. On our cover, we’ve featured Shila Amzah, a Malaysian singer who’s faced the unknown and has become a success story in the music industry in China. Locally, we’ve told the story of an extraordinary business woman, Cecilia Lee whose constant dedication to “giving” has changed the lives of so many people in the community for the better. We also revisited Norali Ali Yusop who was featured on our cover in October 2014 to find out about how he conquered his fear of swimming as a visually impaired person.

If you are discouraged for any reason – do not despair. Read on and be inspired!

This article was published in the Jan-Mar 2016 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!