In today’s world it is an undisputed fact that we should be encouraging, educating and empowering young entrepreneurs – locally and worldwide. This is because more than ever before entrepreneurs have the ability to positively transform lives globally with their innovations. Therefore there is a need to create and support the efforts of more young entrepreneurs.

This is what E@C (Entrepreneurship at Campus) group at Universiti Brunei Darussalam is doing. The group was formed to encourage, assist and support students who are interested in entrepreneurship. We spoke to the club president, Khoo Chin Kai and vice presidents, Adi Khairun Norinsan Binti Haji Kassim and Nur Fa’izah Haji Idris to find out more about how the club helps its members.

What is the main aim of the group?
E@C aims to encourage an entrepreneurial culture amongst the young generation by providing assistance financially, environmentally, culturally, as well as in terms of logistical support and knowledge transfer. In so doing, our goal is to enable the development of entrepreneurial projects, to see them go from startups to commercialisation.

The Objectives of E@C are to:-
• Enhance the level of creativity and innovation amongst students
• Equip students with dynamic entrepreneurial skills
• Encourage the start up of businesses amongst the youth
• Provide promising students with a gateway to BEDB’s iCentre and the Creative Arts Facilities (CRAFT)


How was the group formed and how many members are currently in the group?
Launched in April 2013, Entrepreneurship at Campus (E@C) is a collaborative initiative between UBD and BEDB, which is also supported by iCentre. It is currently run by the students of UBD’s Entrepreneurship Club who aim to: inspire students from universities and colleges to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams; identify those business-savvy youth and assist them to become future change agents; and to also help students reach their business goals, faster!

Currently there are 20 working committees as well as 30 members and 5 incubatees. E@C is open to all students of Institutes of Higher Learning including the private colleges and the vocational/technical schools.

What types of activities does the group offer?
E@C offers a variety of activities ranging from incubation of student companies, entrepreneurship and innovation talks, competitions, mentoring and exposure trips to road shows.

Any examples of former members who have achieved success?
An E@C incubatee, Zestberry Technologies, was the 2013 IGNITE Entrepreneurship Challenge Champion with their augmented reality e-book focusing on Bruneian folklore. E@C also has 4 other student groups with registered businesses and we are currently working on projects in the multimedia, ICT and social enterprise sectors.

This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!

For more information on E@C, readers can check out E@C on:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurshipAtCampus
Website: http://entrepreneurship8c.wix.com/e8campus
Email: entrepreneurship8campus@gmail.com