Creative Thinking


Creative thinking is an open thinking approach which explores novel ideas and great possibilities which can result in innovations such as new products or services in the workplace and marketplace. Our company, KL Strategic Change Consulting (KLSCC) has helped many clients find creative solutions to their problems. Here are KLSCC’s Five “O”s Creative Thinking Approach.

1/ Think Original

Arthur Clarke was thinking original in a May 1970 issue of Popular Science magazine, when he predicted that satellites would one day bring the accumulated knowledge of the world to your fingertips”. Of course, to think original requires one to analyse and synthesise what information or data there is and to then come up with totally new and bold ideas. Our company put this think original concept into reality when my book, “The Secret of Change” got into the Malaysian Book of Records as the first motivational book written in poems with every sentence rhyming.

2/ Think Omnipotent 

Thinking omnipotent is about thinking that one has an unlimited source of power and influence; and believing that all things are possible. In Napoleon Hill’s classic bestselling book, “Think and Grow Rich”, he pointed out that, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. It was said that Thomas Edison in inventing the light bulb tried sixteen hundred different filaments before finding the one that worked. Such is the power that arises from thinking omnipotent which culminates in breakthrough results. Sir Winston Churchill said it best, “the empire of the future is the empire of the mind” – for power comes from thinking omnipotent to achieve whatever goals the mind conceives and believes.

3/ Think Outrageously

One of the most outrageous thinkers in the corporate world has to be Sir Richard Branson. In 1985, he dressed as “Spiderman” and scaled down a London skyscraper to raise 50,000 pounds for a local hospital. His idea of intergalactic space travel may seem outrageous and dangerous to many, but even with the crash of the Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2 in 2014 he has not been deterred from pursuing his dream of promoting a space tourism venture. In fact, he has more than 700 passengers queuing up and willing to pay USD250,000 per seat to take the first flight.

4/ Think Out Of The Box

A box is a metaphor for a frame, a perspective or mindset that limits one’s thinking. To think out of the box requires one to get rid of dated rules or assumed barriers in order for one to achieve breakthrough results. A good example of a box was when the sport of high jump changed the pit from a hard landing pit to a softer foam pit, many competitors still continued to use the old styles of jumping – the “scissors ” or the “western role”. Then came Dick Fosbury who thought differently from the rest. Instead of jumping the old way with his face toward the bar, Fosbury turned his body, arched his back, and went over the bar backwards while landing on his neck and shoulders. He used the “think out of the box” approach to invent the Fosbury style, which enabled him to break a record jump of 2.24metres in front of 80,000 spectators at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. Companies can use the Five “O”s Creative Thinking approach to boost the creativity of their staff and to introduce innovative products, services or processes to help them stay competitive and to be winners!

5/ Think Opposite

Thinking opposite is being illogical and counter-intuitive. It is about thinking of the benefits and advantages that can come from taking a 180 degree view of things. Here are some examples of think opposite ideas:

• It is a good thing that one is fired from his or her job. Now’s the time to explore being an entrepreneur.
• The recycling business is turning someone’s “rubbish” into another’s treasure.
• Failure is good opportunity to start again and this time around to be better.
• If we want our interests to be served, serve the interests of others.
• Before things get better it has to get to its worst point; and then it is improvement all the way.

This article was published in the Apr – Jun 2016 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!

Dr. Victor S.L. Tan

Dr Victor SL Tan is the CEO of KL Strategic Change Consulting Group. He undertakes change management consulting and training. He is also the author of 10 management books. Find out more at