Do It With Passion!


Recently during a very long flight I noticed that a passenger on the opposite seat was watching a Korean movie. This movie was a tribute to Um Hong-gil, who was attempting to climb Mount Everest. During the climb two of his best friends die but he was driven to succeed regardless of the difficult circumstances. He made a promise that he would reach their goal. In the end, love and passion for friendship and for reaching the summit – led to his success.

Throughout history there are numerous examples of how human beings have progressed because of passion. There’s Alexander the Great who conquered countries on a horse with just an idea; Nikola Tesla, an inventor who’s passion led to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system; Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and even Arnold Schwarzenegger a bodybuilder from a small Austrian town who became a well-known politician in the USA. During an interview, Former U.S President Clinton told one of the journalists “If you want it crazy enough, you will make it happen!”

Movie poster from The Himalayas, based on Um Hong-gil’s trek up Mount Everest

I believe that everyone in this world including children are passionate about something. Passion is a driving force that makes people more productive. They never want to quit; never feel tired while working; and it enables people to reach extraordinary heights. Passion takes on different shapes, brings a sparkle to the eyes, a rush to the blood, it is like an adrenaline injection and it fuels creativity. Passion is contagious, …pass it on said Albert Einstein.

“Passion is a driving force that makes people never want to quit; never feel tired while working; and it enables people to reach extraordinary heights.”

Feed your passion!

My personal hero will always be 91 year old Prof. Wolf, the founder of Goethe University in Pressburg. I met him as a publisher, he was a tiny well-dressed gentleman with a weak voice. I was told then, that he had a dream of starting a university before he died. Of course, at his age no one took him seriously. But when I went to visit him, I felt that he would do it. He talked with an incredible vitality and had an unforgettable youthful sparkle in his eyes. He embraced everything that was new, loved everything that was beautiful and had a fantastic sense of humour. Prof. Wolf was trapped in an old body but had the mind of a young boy. And if one could see beyond his old, fragile physical body – one could fall in love with him, said his 30 year old good looking assistant. One year later his university was started, two years later he died.

Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’: Then one becomes unbeatable, and everything else including money arrives automatically.

If they can do it, you can do it! Everything! Feed your Passion!!!

Fazit: Have a Dream, work with Passion, Magic happens!!!

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Dr. Jana Heilmaier was leading the International Group at the Ministry of Germany; is a member of the Luxury Society; and is also a founder of two organisations for political, cultural and economic collaboration. Jana works with the German Chamber of Commerce and teaches at the UBD. She is a noted art and antiques collector and an expert in contemporary arts.