Dr Hjh Khalizah


Dr Hjh Khalizah binti Hj Mohd Jamil

Medical Superintendent of PMMPMHAMB Hospital Consultant Physician
RIPAS Hospital

As a young girl Dr Hajjah Khalizah Haji Jamil witnessed her father’s suffering from asthma and lung disease. Since then she was determined to become a doctor in order to help others like her father. Having completed her basic medical degree at the University of Manchester, she then pursued Advanced Specialist Training at National University Hospital, Singapore. After returning home she worked at RIPAS Hospital from 1997 and then went on to become the first Bruneian Consultant Respiratory Physician.

In January 2014 Dr. Hajjah Khalizah was appointed the Medical Superintendent of PMMPMHAMB Hospital with the challenging task of leading the Clinical Service there and making sure that the quality of work done is of the highest standards. Dr. Hajjah Khalizah is also a Clinical Educator “and would like to see more Bruneians come forward to do Medicine and excel in their fields (to make) the Medical Care in Brunei the best possible”. Currently, she divides her days between RIPAS and PMMHPMHAMB hospitals and is also still doing on call duty for the Department of Internal Medicine.

This article was published in the Apr-Jun 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!