Pehin Hapidz



“Pehin Hapidz suggested that they merge all the lands (as this) would be more profitable than running seven smaller pieces. He gave up his furniture business in order to establish the company.

Setting up the company was no easy task, as he had to go to great lengths to secure the co-operation of his siblings.

Pehin Hapidz was uncertain whether his plans would succeed, but he was prepared to turn things around if they failed, no matter what. Time, ideas and hard work were at his disposal.

His endless determination has brought the private firm the amazing success.”


“No capital, knowledge or ambition can compare to the ‘love and support of a family.’ When a business is run by the whole family, it is for the good of both the business and the family. Ideas are generated, relationships are saved and most of all, unity is protected.

As a man of honour Pehin Hapidz has three core principles that he strongly advocates and applies to almost every situation, especially his business.

These are sincerity, loyalty and dedication.”


“Whenever you make money and start doing good in business, it is advisable you branch out into a different form of venture. But before that you must do your research as to how well your business will do in the future.

Risk taking and dynamic innovation soon became part of Abdul Razak Holdings’ business model. For us, we went with the flow and monitored everything to ensure everything went right.

In the business world money alone is not enough, if you do not know where and how to invest it, it is as good as nothing.”


“I believe that it is important to send out a message and ensure the next generation of people know what business is and find it enjoyable. This is one of the most important reasons why I decided to set up Laksamana College of Business.”

These quotation have been extracted from Business Icons, the first book of its kind written by local authors Khairi Metussin, Salehin Basir, Khairul Anwar Sabir and Khairul Arifin Sabir which highlights the vast experiences, challenges and success stories of ten accomplished businesses in Brunei.

Business Icons is published by PHMD Publishing.

* Milestones

Abdul Razak Holdings’ first ever project was completed; the Mile One complex.

The Abdul Razak Plaza was completed.

Opening of the Utama Bowling Centre, Brunei’s first ever bowling arena.

Abdul Razak Holdings acquired Porchester Court, London U.K and converted it into luxury apartments.

This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!