Companies that Care


In this segment we recognise and pay tribute to the companies that are going beyond the call of duty to make important contributions to our community. In doing so, we hope that in the future more companies will be encouraged to step up and support company initiatives.


BIBD’s main CSR’s projects include the BIBD ALAF; BIBD Charity Expedition – ALAF; BIBD Charity Expedition – Midnight Marathon; and BIBD Sirah Amal. BIBD employees are committed to doing a minimum of 180 hours of voluntary work with causes related to Education, Entrepreneurship and other community activities. To date, the bank has a huge database of volunteers from internal and external parties, and has collaborated with various GLCs, NGOs and individuals to support its activities. These include Jabatan Pembangunan Masyarakat (JAPEM), District Offices, BEDB – I-Centre, Youth Development Resources, Royal Brunei Police Force, A&E RIPAS, JPMC, HEARTS, KatakIjau Humanitarian Relief Support Group, ALMAS Volunteer Club, Red Crescent, 4wd Associations, SCOT and other caring individuals. Currently, we are focusing on our flagship cause the BIBD ALAF. This cause underscores the true values of BIBD – being a Bruneian at Heart. It sees education as one of the main channels that can be used to help improve the lives of people from all walks of life. In turn this will help support His Majesty’s Vision 2035 which aims to see the assets of the nation – its human resource become skilled and knowledgeable ultimately leading to the achievement of a Zero rate of poverty.

BIBD ALAF was launched on May 11th 2013, by Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah. The ALAF programme (Advocating Lifelong Learning for an Aspiring Future) aims to provide assistance to underprivileged and orphaned students by sponsoring basic needs, educational items and welfare; as well as to provide mentoring and counseling services. This will allow the students to stay focused on their education and maximise their potential, without worrying about the financial difficulties faced by their families.

BIBD would like to be a catalyst for positive change in the society; be it as a financial institution or as part of the community. The ALAF program is a life-long sponsorship program and BIBD will definitely need the support of the public. Therefore we have convenient banking options that make it easy for members of the public to either contribute monthly or annually, or whatever suits them for their amal-jariah contribution. And with BIBD’S advanced payment systems donations can also be made easily with just a click of a button through BIBD Internet and BIBD Mobile. Payments can also be made in the conventional way via transfers through ATMs or by making deposits over the counter. BIBD ALAF is part of the payee in the Charity option of payments. Hence, it is easy, accessible and secure and provides peace of mind for your charitable works.

Being the largest Bank in Brunei and a national local Bank that has its values rooted in the heritage of Malay Islam Monarchy, giving back to the community and assisting in the progress and support of nation-building is naturally a major part of our responsibility. Loyalty to His Majesty and wanting the nation to progress, with Allah’s guidance, In Sya Allah, is BIBD’s principle objective. In our small closely knit-community within Brunei, the act of caring results in an outpouring of public generosity as is evident in the annual BIBD Charity Expedition. This expedition collects generous donations from the public, private companies and government agencies to support the BIBD ALAF cause (2013: B$336,000, 2012: $334,000) This money goes towards the ALAF programme, which benefits selected under privileged and orphaned students in the country, distributed via their respective schools.


This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!