Companies that Care


In this segment we recognise and pay tribute to the companies that are going beyond the call of duty to make important contributions to our community. In doing so, we hope that in the future more companies will be encouraged to step up and support company initiatives.



We are known for providing a fun environment for children but we are also committed to helping people in our community. Our company believes that “giving” is crucial to building a stronger society. In today’s hectic world many people have lost the art of keeping in contact with one another and many others don’t tend to get involved enough with volunteering to help. Therefore our mission at Fun Bee Park is to keep reminding people to reach out and help others. For example, in the case of cancer patients who suffer serious hair loss and depression, Fun Bee Park and IA Salon have helped to alleviate their depression and suffering by providing them with appropriate support.

Recently IA Salon together with Fun Bee Park participated in the fundraising campaign for Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group (BBCSG). Both companies put up donation boxes and in return for their kind donations each person received a unique handmade ornamental bird from Thailand. We are proud to have raised BND$8000 in cash donations from this CSR venture. Our main aim is to always give back to the society as much as we can.

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This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!