Companies that Care


In this segment we recognise and pay tribute to the companies that are going beyond the call of duty to make important contributions to our community. In doing so, we hope that in the future more companies will be encouraged to step up and support company initiatives.


At Standard Chartered Bank our brand promise, Here For Good, guides how we do business and our sustainability programs are an integral part of our business strategy.

Perhaps the most recognirable sustainability initiative is our global flagship charity to tackle avoidable blindness and visual impairment, Seeing is Believing. Globally, we aim to raise USD 100 million by 2020.

Last year, our Standard Chartered Brunei Half-Marathon raised BND 89,129, benefiting Seeing is Believing and local charities SMARTER and Learning Ladders. We’ve also sponsored BND 15,963 worth of Visual Impairment Equipment for the Special Education Unit of the Ministry of Education.

Living with HIV is another sustainability initiative and this year celebrates its 15 year anniversary. Due to the global impact of HIV, this programme aims to tackle the spread of HIV through education and raising awareness. 100% of our staff are inducted to the Living with HIV training when they join.

Different organisations such as the National Dental Centre in Brunei have sent their staff for free Living with HIV training.

Our Environmental committee spearheads activities to engage our staff to diminish our carbon footprint through office activities (saving paper, reducing electricity usage) and clean up events across Brunei.

In terms of financial education, we engage local companies and institutions for financial education. We strive to support the sustainable economic development of Brunei by providing relevant knowledge to the community. For example, earlier this year, we’ve conducted talks for BAG Network employees on Financial Education.

Our Employee Volunteering Programme (EVP) allows our staff opportunities to participate in voluntary activities that generally don’t fall into any of the mentioned categories. Each staff member is entitled to 3 days EV Leave annually and we actively encourage our staff to volunteer their time and core skills to benefit the local community.

Last year in Brunei, we managed to achieve 151 EV Leave days, showing the commitment of our staff to engage the local community. These initiatives are also meaningful to us mainly because our staff are a part of the community.

Our brand promise, Here for good is ultimately one of the key reasons why our clients choose to do business with us. Our clients are not just interested in what financial services we have to offer but also how we support the communities in which we operate.

So our sustainability initiatives are paramount to what we want to achieve. We also want to be a force for good in the community and support the people and businesses that drive sustainable economic development.

This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!