Companies that care


In this segment we recognise and pay tribute to the companies that are going beyond the call of duty to make important contributions to our community. In doing so, we hope that in the future more companies will be encouraged to step up and support company initiatives.


At the Jerudong Park Medical Centre we put our heart into every one of our CSR programs. The Centre has partnered with many companies, non-profit organisations, academic institutions and corporate clients to assist with various initiatives such as fundraising activities, environment conservation, health awareness and others.

To commemorate World AIDS Day JPMC partnered with Brunei Press to educate the public through pop quizzes; and red ribbons were also sold to raise money for supporting the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAC). But that’s not all, during the month of Ramadhan, JPMC hosted Iftar for Pusat Bahagia’s special needs students. “The students remembered the kindness and smiles that we shared with them and how we made them feel,” shared Ak Danny Pg Tajuddin, Marketing Officer of JPMC. In order to give members of the public a better understanding of topics such as Breast Cancer and Practicing a Healthy Lifestyle, JPMC has also visited various major companies and organisations and have hosted a number of talks on these and other health issues.


At JPMC we firmly believe that by setting a good example we can inspire the public to tackle social issues in the country. By giving back to the community people are more prepared to lead a more productive life. Volunteering empowers JPMC employees in a way that complements their personal and professional lives. The goals that our employees set through their volunteer initiatives give them a deeper sense of purpose and motivation to do the best work possible in and outside of office.

According to Ak Danny, “Volunteering is about doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment,”

JPMC continues to look for windows of opportunity to change the world for the better.

This article was published in the Oct-Dec 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!