Md. Asnawi


Who is he?
Meet 20 year old Md. Asnawi, the proud holder of the title, “Brunei’s Strongest Man.” When he first started working out at Chainblock Gym, it was never his intention or vision to be named the ‘Strongest Man in Brunei.’ He started training for the competition in September last year. Two months later, he bagged the title of ‘Brunei’s Strongest Man’ in the Under 21 category. He secured victory when he completed the truck pull in an impressive time of just 19 seconds.

What’s it like being the strongest man?
Imagine pulling a truck far beyond your own weight, how much can the human body really take? Asnawi could give up, but he chooses not to. Asnawi said ‘I just keep pushing myself. My main aim during the competition is to beat my friends,’ he laughs when asked what his main motivation is while carrying 85kg dumb bells in each hand. Other challenges include the Tire Flip, where he has to lift a tire weighing over 200kg, which Asnawi admits is the biggest challenge in the competition.

How does he do it?
He explained, ‘Anyone can do it. It’s possible. You just have to work hard and train for it,’ he says. Like many other professional athletes, Asnawi says that discipline is key when it comes to being great at what you do. A full-time student by day, he is only able to train during the evenings and on Sunday mornings, which usually consist of cardio training and deadlifts – probably the most useful gym training movement for the strongman. To Asnawi, it’s not about having enough time, it’s all about making time. With an unconventional yet gratifying title at only 20 years old, Asnawi aspires to keep on winning and surpassing all expectations, for as long as he can.

This article was published in the Jan-Mar 2015 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!