Prepare for the Unexpected


The unexpected does happen. You may not want to think about it but it certainly can happen to you. What happens if the main breadwinner is gone and your family is left without the financial resources they may need for the future. It really does happen. You need to be prepared.


“Abdul recently graduated from university and joined a small marketing company. Shortly after starting his job, he married the girl of his dreams and a year later they had a son, life was good and they were happy! However, building his career, meant that Abdul was often very busy. On their third wedding anniversary his wife noticed that a bump on his leg had grown. She suggested that Abdul should go to the doctor to have it checked. After delaying this for a few weeks, he finally made the appointment. The doctor immediately diagnosed him with Sarcoma. After undergoing surgery and radiation and diligently following the doctor’s orders – he was given the “all clear”. However, a few months later he began to experience severe back pain and made an appointment with the doctor for a check-up. He found out that the cancer had spread to his bone marrow. One month after his diagnosis, Abdul passed away.

His young wife was devastated and overwhelmed with final arrangements and the impending financial burden. But what she didn’t know was that Abdul had purchased life insurance – this helped to relieve the financial stress of the unexpected turn of events. His preparedness for the unexpected helped protect his wife when she needed it the most.”

Life insurance provides basic protection for your loved ones if something happens to you. Because even though we don’t like to think about the unexpected, it can still happen. The loss of your income could create immediate financial hardship and lifestyle changes for your family. Life insurance helps ensure that your family can maintain financial security and meet financial obligations.

How life insurance can help you:
• Protect your family: Your family depends on your income. Life insurance helps replace that income when your family needs it most.

• Protect your home: For most families, their home is their largest asset. Life insurance can enable your family to remain in the home, pay the mortgage and avoid the stress of having to relocate.

• Protect children’s education: Covering the increasing cost of education becomes even more difficult when there is a loss of income. Life insurance helps secure your children’s future.

• Settle expenses: Life insurance can also help cover financial expenses, such as medical bills and funeral costs, as well as unplanned expenses and unforeseen financial crises.

Make sure that you are prepared for the unexpected. Don’t put off contacting AIA to make sure you have suitable coverage for your needs. If you already have coverage, it’s still wise to contact an AIA agent periodically because your needs change over time, as you get older and as different life events happen. The team of professionals at AIA will help guide you.

AIA aims to help you find an investment approach that fits your financial goal and risk appetite by combining innovative products with expert advice. AIA understands that each of you have unique financial goals, therefore AIA has designed a line of investment linked plans that offer you smart solutions to satisfy your portfolio needs by delivering consistent performance. Investment linked plans offer you the opportunity to participate in investment opportunities while ensuring you have financial protection through life insurance. You can benefit from investment opportunities in developed and emerging markets, and in different ranges of risk/return profiles.

This article was published in the  August 2016 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!

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