Dr Tan Kai Teck


The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards is a world-class recognition celebrating and honouring business leaders who have shown outstanding performance and tenacity in developing successful businesses within the Asia Pacific region. With 16 countries holding the APEA each year, it is by far the most recognised awards of its kind in Asia Pacific. We spoke to five of the winners from Brunei for their business advice.

Managing Director

T.L.T Enterprise holds sole and exclusive distribution of several Food & Beverage products in the country. Led by Dr Tan Kai Teck, the company also produces the popular Bruneian Suci Brand, a premier distilled drinking water. Dr Tan leads in the promotion of the company’s vision and mission to build a company which is known for its prestige, quality products and for                                                                delivering good customer service.

What is the most difficult part about being an entrepreneur?
The most difficult thing about being an entrepreneur is sacrificing time with my family. A lot of time is needed for planning, implementation and decision-making; exploration and research to keep up with new, unique and competitive ideas. I have always been a firm believer in “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

What is the best part?
On the other hand, the best part is – the realisation that our plans, ideas, hard work, sacrifices and tough decisions reward us with improvements and achievements. Receiving the benefits such as nominations and prestigious awards are a great honor as well; and now, also being invited to share my experiences with Inspire Magazine to motivate the lives of your readers.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs starting their own business?
Starting a new business is always the easiest part. Maintaining and expanding it is usually the challenge.

Do something that is your passion and go for it! Business had always been my passion since I was of a young age. Be open minded, open to opportunities, ideas, changes and even criticism. Being a good listener and thinking positively goes a long way.

What did your journey in business teach you about leadership?
Being a leader is being a self-motivator and a motivator to encourage my team to be able to move and perform to their best ability. Practicing openness and being humble gives me the ability to understand and learn from everyone around.

This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!