Norhana Hj Abdullah


The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards is a world-class recognition celebrating and honouring business leaders who have shown outstanding performance and tenacity in developing successful businesses within the Asia Pacific region. With 16 countries holding the APEA each year, it is by far the most recognised awards of its kind in Asia Pacific. We spoke to five of the winners from Brunei for their business advice.

Managing Director
Primeart Sdn Bhd

Norhana founded Primeart Sdn Bhd in 2002, supplying natural stone marble and granite to the local construction industry. She has built the company into a major supplier servicing corporate clients from the government and banking sectors to the hospitality sector. Passion, hard work and positive thinking are qualities that Norhana adopts in her approach to business.

What is the most difficult part about being an entrepreneur?
The most difficult part of being an entrepreneur is the uncertainty and unpredictability involved in doing this type of job. For me, the most challenging and stressful aspect of this job is knowing that the entire financial responsibility of the company rests solely on my shoulders. Fortunately, I am surrounded with groups of employees who are very supportive.

What is the best part?
I personally feel the best part of the job is when you are able to overcome the obstacles and endure through the hardships. When we are successful and the groups achieve their milestones, then the feeling of satisfaction is so great!

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs starting their own business?
My advice to all young entrepreneurs out there is that if you have a good idea, then trust in yourself to execute it. As long as you have a basic knowledge of business and you feel that you are at the right stage of your life, but more importantly that you can afford to take the risk, then go for it! It may take a while to reap the benefits of being an entrepreneur and along the way you may experience challenges but if you are confident, can adapt quickly to change and persevere then you can achieve success.

What did your journey in business teach you about leadership?
Every day there is always something new to learn along this journey. Often times we learn from our experiences and sometimes from our mistakes. However, since starting my journey I have learnt that to be a good leader you need to think positively; be honest, confident and committed; possess creativity, intuition and good communication; and be able to plan, execute and evaluate. But most importantly, you must be able to inspire others. A leader is a person who influences the performance of the organisation and is responsible for developing a plan for the group to achieve its goal.

This article was published in the Jul-Sept 2014 issue of Inspire Magazine. Download it here!